XSLT Glossary

Posted 2009-05-20 in Technology | XSL | XML | Text

Jesse Sutherland raised some questions about learning symphony on the Symphony forum. It seems to be a good time to further develop the documentation and add some tutorials to help beginners get acquainted with the system. A glossary of terms might be a good place to start.

There are already some good resources available in print for XSLT, but online resources are not well organized for beginners who might be trying to learn the language. W3Schools provides a few good introductory primers on XML, XSLT and XPath, but they only scratch the surface.

Overture, The Complete Resource Center for Symphony contained some good resources, but I don’t think it was ever really complete.

This might be a good place to start to put together a Glossary for the new Symphony CMS Documentation section.

Craig Zheng offered a list of terms to use as a starting point:


  • author
  • content group
  • data source
  • data source: parameter output
  • debug
  • debug: parameter pool
  • debug: profile
  • ensemble
  • event
  • extension
  • extension: enable/disable/uninstall
  • field
  • page
  • page: page type
  • section
  • URL parameter
  • utility
  • workspace


  • entity
  • namespace
  • node

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