What is this?

It is a live build of Symphony

It started out as a live build of a Symphony site during An Event Apart, while listening to Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer, and many other fascinating people.

How it really started

I bought this domain as a sandbox to play in. If I needed somewhere to send a client to see the current iteration of a project, I would send them here. The days of freelance are officially over. But I still like to play around. I tend to play around on the fringes of design and technology. But these experiments usually involve open source standards, or at least free tools and technologies that can be widely adapted and shared.

This Looks Broken

Expect things to be broken here.

I would be surprised if they are not.

I may have built a reputation for being the guy who starts things, but never finishes. I’m okay with that. As I generalist, I try to learn as much as I can about a myriad of things. As a specialist, I get wrapped up in the details, and sometimes get lost in them. I have some goals in mind, but they tend to be a little lofty. Maybe some day the generalist, the specialist and the idealist will come together and actually finish something useful, beautiful or both.

Let's Get Started ... Again

Then, let’s see if I can finish

The thing is, when is something really finished on the web? The web is fluid. It is constantly evolving. There’s always more to learn. So, I think “finished” will always be an elusive goal.

A different goal: what can I learn today?

I learn by doing. So this is me doing stuff. I’m also a perfectionist, which sometimes leads to a condition of paralysis, if I don’t want to release something into the wild if it’s not ready for public consumption. I have resolved that things will not be perfect. Mistakes are part of the process. So this is me in process. Stream of consciousness code and design.

DesignProjectX | The digital sandbox of Stephen Bau